Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What insurance do I need as a subcontractor?

The main exposure for any subcontractor is Public Liability, which is third party property damage or personal injury.  Many contractors working in the construction industry need to show proof of Public Liability Insurance before they can commence work.  The level of cover usually has to match that of their principal contractor. 

Subcontractors working in any design, advisory or consultancy-type roles should also consider Professional Indemnity, to cover professional errors relating to their advice and/or designs.  Workers Compensation is also a legal requirement for any subcontractors who have employees.

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

What insurance does a massage therapist need?

Massage therapists are in constant contact with the public, and therefore Public Liability would be their biggest risk to insure.  Some massage therapists set themselves up in shopping centres and must have a minimum of $20 million Public Liability to work there.  If the massage therapist business has a physical address from which they operate, they should consider a Business Package policy to cover Contents, Stock, Glass and possibly Business Interruption to cover their income in the event of a claim.  Workers Compensation is also a legal requirement for any massage therapists who have employees working for them.

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