Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What insurance do I need for my handyman business?

Firstly, your insurance broker will need to determine what kind of work you'll be doing and also whether it will be domestic work only – or a mixture of domestic and commercial.

Insurers all have different variations to policy coverage, so the above information will be used to ensure you are covered with the correct insurer. 

Public and Products Liability insurance is perhaps the most important policy you should consider - this will provide you with cover should you be negligent and cause damage to someone's property or cause injury to a third party. 

You may also want to consider covering your tools.  There are various levels of cover available for tools, including theft from a locked vehicle or premises, fire or damage caused by collision or overturning of a vehicle.  An optional level of cover you may look to include is Accidental Damage – this ensures you'll be covered if you drop that very expensive tool!

If you are engaging the services of subcontractors or employees, you will need to cover them for Workers Compensation.  Dependant on your business structure you may be able to cover yourself on the Workers Compensation policy – or if unable to do so, you should consider an Income Protection or Personal Accident and Illness policy.
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